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How to Win the Ladies (vol. 4)

How to Win the Ladies Vol 4
It's my book, bitches!


Be Her Fantasy:
(I F**king Am!)

Be Her Fantasy
It's my other book,

About Me:Me

I was born on the Fourth of July and then they made it a holiday, because I had such a big penis that the country had to celebrate me. So Americans play fireworks to celebrate my giant penis, which I have had since I was born.

I'm from Hawaii and DON'T fucking guess Honolulu or Maui. I said I'm from HAWAII!!! There's only one Hawaii and it is the fucking Big Island! If I was from Honolulu or Maui, I'd fucking say Honolulu or Maui or Oahu.

I also like to watch shaqs show at 4 in the morning by myself while on facebook after a long night of drinking. I wish I was hungry so I could make the people on the show jealous by eating in front of them. What do you call a cow with no legs...ground beef. Ha the guy on the show said balls. hahaha.

Oh, I also like basketball and fucking LOVE the Blazers, but fuck the Kings. I could totally score one basket before LeBron James could score 10 but no one fucking believes me and it's just a damn joke to everyone else. Fuck them. If LeBron ever comes here, I will challenge him. I don't give a fuck and then I'll fucking win and those bitches will start crying because they just got showed up by the "short fucking Asian kid" and all of the ladies will throw themselves at me...although that fucking happens already, so I guess just MORE women will throw themselves at me.


I Don't Recall